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West 2nd Street

West 2nd Street Historic District Mesa AZ

West 2nd Street district was home to the most prominent middle to upper class families in the early 1900's and, because of that, 2nd Street itself was often called, ''Millionaire Row'' and is home to some of the very few citrus-lined medians left in Mesa.

West Side Clark Addition

Platted between 1930 and 1947 when Joseph and Mary Clark developed some of their farm property along Clark Street in 1930. West Side Clark Addition is located immediately west of the original town site of Mesa.


Evergreen Historic District Mesa AZ

Edwin M. LeBaron and James Miller, Jr., platted the subdivision in 1910 for the middle to upper class. Evergreen is known for its wide, treelined streets, the pleasant assortment of bungalow homes, and the larger lot sizes. 


Robson Historic District Mesa AZ

Also known as Pomeroy Place, this neighborhood was platted by Frank T. and S. Dora Pomeroy, early Mesa pioneers back in 1911. The earliest home in the district is the W.W. Read House built between 1915 and 1920.


Located immediately east of the original townsite beginning in 1922. This housing expansion was related to the LDS Temple, completed in 1927.  The streets were named after Mormon pioneers of Mesa. 

Glenwood Wilbur

Glenwood Wilbur Historic District Mesa AZ

A neighborhood of middle and working class families, Glenwood Wilbur district dates back to 1892. There are a few Revival, Tudor and Pueblo style homes but the bungalow style is the most common.

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